March: art walk

March: art walk

Sao La, Ho Chi Minh City

29 March – 9 May 2015

Like a reunion, thirty artists from different genertions get together in March: Art Walk with a group exhibition at four spaces as the main program of this project. The exhibition contains various kinds of artworks, from painting, photography, sculpture to installation, video, performance, experimental music and multimedia. Beside various presentations, the artworks also carry personal messages, subjective statements about various social issues, or strong yet interesting personalities of the artists. They, like beautiful colors of life, all harmonize with each other in embellishing a colorful painting of spring.

Along with the art exhibition, other activities including workshops, artist talks, film screenings and even interactive performances will be organised regularly during the project. This is also a chance for the general public to approach contemporary art which is still very new in Vietnam, especially young practices. All activities of this project will be free of charge.